Prom 2022

Important Update 1/20/2022:

While I know Prom is 92 days away, I wanted to inform you in advance of San Francisco's UPDATED (Effective Feb. 1st) mandate regarding entry into Prom. Please read the bullet points carefully.

  • SF Health guidelines still state that everyone attending prom MUST be fully vaccinated, including a Booster shot. There are no religious/medical exemptions, nor 48-72 negative testing results accepted. It is fully vaccinated WITH booster shot, or no entry.

  • Also, the mask mandate is still in effect while not actively eating or drinking, even while dancing.

  • The three acceptable proof of status required for entry are:

  1. physical vaccination card + ID,

  2. picture of vaccination card + ID,

  3. or CLEAR app + ID.

Please look for updates coming shortly from Mr. Amoroso, our Admin Team, and M-A Today.