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We are proud to announce this year's elections. Serving on the advisory board is a great way to make an impact on the school. It's a lot of work, and putting yourself in front of your peers is hard––we commend you for considering that, and wish you the best of luck!


Devin Leslie Chiara Cline Mr. Amoroso

ASB President ASB Vice President Activities Director

Advisory Board Job Description

  • The Advisory Board approves all uses of ASB funding, which includes athletics and other student program funding that passes through ASB accounts.

  • The Advisory Board guides the activities program and serves as a sounding board for the Activities Director (Mr. Amoroso) and the ASB President and Vice President (currently, Devin and Chiara).

  • The advisory board does not write school policy, change school rules, alter the bell schedule, or participate in school personnel decisions. It is not a forum of appeal for student disagreements.

Things that you can do in the activities program without being on the board:

  • Serve as a permanent or alternate SDMSC representative.

  • Chair a committee of students.

  • Help lead class programming and help make program-wide decisions.

  • Plan and host bonding events.

  • Earn responsibility and respect from your peers.

Board Member Expectations

  • Consistent attendance at advisory board meetings, which are typically during flex time, twice a month.

  • Commitment of time and energy to the program that exceeds the commitment of the average student.

  • Thoughtful, realistic promises and a positive campaign tone.

  • A complete application to the program that demonstrates effort and interest.


Officers, with a few exceptions, are elected by the outgoing student activities program. Please review the job descriptions in the ASB Bylaws.

  • ASB President (runner-up becomes Vice President)

  • ASB Secretary

  • ASB Outreach/Media Coordinator

  • ASB Webmaster

  • Student Treasurers/Store Mangers (top two)

  • ASB Clubs Coordinator

  • Senior Class Advisors (top two)

  • Junior Class Advisors (top two)

  • Sophomore Class Advisors (top two)

  • Senior Class Presidents (joint ticket for President and VP)*

  • Junior Class Presidents (joint ticket for President and VP)*

  • Sophomore Class Presidents (joint ticket for President and VP)*

*Popularly elected by the incoming class for that grade

Steps to Run

(Deadlines below)

1. Turn in your application! If you choose to run for a position after the application deadline, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to if this applies to you.

2. Pick an office to run for. We recommend that you reach out to the person who currently holds that office and talk to them about what it might be like. How did it compare to their expectations? Did they enjoy their role? What was difficult?

3. Declare your candidacy through the form below. Class Presidents run as a joint ticket (you need to find a running mate and submit the form together. Obviously, only incoming Juniors may run for Junior Class President, and so forth.

4. Write and read a 1-3 minute speech and submit a video of the speech by uploading it to Google Drive and sharing it with by the time speeches air. Advisor speeches will be broadcast to the activities program, with the exception of the Class Presidents, which will be broadcast to the school and put up online.

5. Class Presidents only: Campaign! Here are the rules:

    1. Posters must be letter sized (8.5x11), hung with blue tape, and not hung on stucco or classroom doors without the permission of the teacher.

    2. Social media posts and posters must be positive and not attack any candidates.

    3. No official leadership or class accounts may be used to support any candidate.

    4. Any possible violations should be referred directly to Mr. Amoroso or Devin.

6. Vote! Vote for yourself and encourage others to vote!


April 29:

May 2:

May 4 and 5:

May 9 and 10:

Block Days May 11 and 12:

May 13:

May 15:

Campaign filing deadline

Campaign Window opens, posters and other marketing allowed

Speeches for Class Presidents taped during Flex Time

Speeches Air for Class Presidents

Other Speeches shown to Leadership (please submit your speeches to by this time!

Election Day

Results posted on the website!

Questions or Concerns?