Applications are CLOSED for the Year.

All information provided purely for future reference and public disclosure of process.

We want YOU to join us next year!

Follow the steps below to apply to join Menlo-Atherton Leadership in the 2022/2023 school year. All new and returning candidates are required to apply for entry or re-entry to the program. To learn more about what Leadership does, head to the About Us page, or browse the website to view events from the 2021/2022 school year. INCOMING FRESHMEN: see special instructions at the bottom of the page.

  1. Get Leadership on your schedule: Talk to your counselor and make sure Leadership is in your academic plan. If you would prefer to join the Service-oriented section offered at 5th period, register for Leadership-ASB. If you would prefer to join the Spirit-oriented section offered at 4th period, register for Spirit Leadership. They will put you on the waiting list. If you have already registered for a different elective, they can transfer you after you are admitted into leadership.

2. Join the Remind: Make sure to join the Remind (code: @a89hk8h) to get the updates and information you need.

3. Mark important dates: Applications are available online below and paper copies are available in B21. They will be due on April 4th, but do not leave it until the last minute! You have been warned.

4. Get Informed: Find out what Leadership does on M-A's campus and how the class is run. Read the ASB Bylaws and the Leadership Class Syllabus.

5. Complete the Application: Fill out the Leadership application on paper. Copies are available in B21 or it can be downloaded and printed out here.

The application includes:

    1. Short response essays

    2. A short creative project

    3. A signature page

6. ONLY FOR NEW STUDENTS: Sign up in B21 to schedule your interview. Times are available on the back wall of the classroom––you can take any slot you would like! The first slots are on March 14th and the last slots at on March 25th.

7. Recommendations: All students must cut out the recommendation sheet, at the back of the application packet, and give it to a teacher or M-A Athletics coach.

8. Submit your application: Turn in the application to B21 by April 4th at the end of lunch.

9. That’s it! Great job completing your application! Leadership will recommend certain names to the guidance office based on the completion and quality of those applications and the attendance and quality of the attached interviews, as necessary.

Running for Office? Whether or not you intend to be an officer in the program, you must fill out the regular program application. The opportunity for students to submit themselves as candidates for the advisory board (see bylaws) will come later in the Spring. Check out the 2021/2022 Advisory Board to view the positions you can run for.

Incoming Freshman? In order to apply as an incoming freshman to leadership, you can scan and email a PDF copy of your completed application to Email to set up a brief zoom interview. Join the Remind for news and updates.

Remember this Advice: If you call us, text us, or use the Remind, we will help you. However, we cannot help you if you do not reach out for help. Turn your work in on time, show up to your interview, and put your best foot forward. Remember we want you to succeed, and we will assist you if you are having trouble. We can’t help you if you don’t ask!

Questions or Concerns? Email, ask the Remind, text (650) 248-1983, or stop by B-21 during flex, brunch, or lunch.